The upfront costs of buying a home

When saving for your first (or next) home, it’s common to focus on building up the deposit and servicing your upcoming home loan. However, there are other upfront costs when buying a home that you should be aware of from the get-go. With it being particularly challenging these days to get your foot onto the … Read more

Airbnb vs long term rentals – do the numbers stack up?

In just 15 short years, Airbnb has transformed from a platform helping homeowners earn cash from their spare rooms to a business and property investment strategy. There are between 100,000 and 350,000 short-term rental properties across Australia, with homes making up approximately 85% of those listings according to various portals.i While it might seem like … Read more

Tax and the super after-life

Many people assume there is no tax payable on super benefits received after someone passes away, but that’s not always the case. Whether or not tax is paid on a super death benefit depends on the beneficiary’s relationship with the deceased. Although some beneficiaries receive their money tax-free, others can find themselves paying significant amounts … Read more

Manage the cost of living

Here are some quick ways to reduce your living costs. Having a money plan helps you stay on top of your spending and bills. There’s also free support and services to go to if you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you’re in crisis and struggling to pay for essentials, there are services to help you with food, … Read more

How to increase your IQ for later in life

Key points: Dr Vincent Candrawinata founded Renovatio Bioscience in 2016 following antioxidant research at the University of Newcastle Dr Candrawinata is among many researchers who believe that a person’s intelligence quotient, commonly referred to as IQ, can be increased — instead of simply remaining static throughout life As a lauded expert in the field of … Read more

2023 Year in Review

Australia’s economy stubbornly defied predictions during 2023, dashing any hopes that we might begin to return to some kind of normal. Some had expected an end to the Reserve Bank’s continued cash rate rises during the year. Instead, inflation has been a stubborn foe and we saw five rate rises, adding another 1.25%. But there … Read more

Weighing up whether to renovate or sell

It’s easy to be inspired by the super-profitable renovations and dream rebuilds we see on TV. In real life, the picture can be a little different. The key to achieving your particular dream home is to arm yourself with the comparative costs for both selling and buying, and renovating, with a clear understanding of what’s … Read more

Superannuation scams

If someone offers to withdraw your super or move it to a self-managed super fund (SMSF) so you can get the money, it could be a scam. Learn how to spot the signs of a super scam and what you can do to protect yourself. Scammers may target your super because most Australians have a super … Read more

Returning to work after retirement

Employers are desperate for workers and cost of living pressures are making it tough to live on a pension. That’s a perfect mix of conditions to send some retirees back to work. But it’s smart to get good advice before you take the leap. With unemployment rates at historic lows and employers facing a shortage … Read more