Busted! Scam myths

We’re serving up the truth about some common scam myths that you might have heard, especially around tax time. Myth 1: Only older people get scammed Busted! Last year people aged 25 to 34 lost the most to tax scams, followed by those aged 18 to 24. Tax scams target everyone. If you get a … Read more

Charting bear and bull markets

Bull market surges have been longer and stronger than the bear markets that preceded them. Bear markets occur when a share market falls by 20 per cent or more from its most recent trading high. Volatile economic and investment conditions caused the United States share market to fall into bear market territory in 2022. Fortunately, … Read more

Making that holiday home a reality

Many of us have dreamed of owning a holiday home, creating an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Holiday homes are great for bringing family and friends together and making memories. Whether it’s a beach house or a place in the bush, it’s a place to unwind and relax. It can also … Read more

Understanding your retirement income

It is important to understand where this income will come from, how long it will last, and whether your retirement investments are on track, or whether some adjustments need to be made to get you there. Work out how long your super or account-based pension will last There are many variables that come into play … Read more

Understanding contribution caps

There are limits on how much you can pay into your super fund each financial year without having to pay extra tax. These limits are called ‘contribution caps’. How much you can contribute to your super fund and whether your fund is allowed to accept your contribution may also depend on your age and total superannuation balance. Contribution … Read more

EOFY for property investors

As the end of financial year fast approaches, here are three main factors to keep in mind. By being prepared, particularly with your admin, having an awareness of what you can claim and considering any capital losses or gains, you will be well positioned to make the most of EOFY. Compile your records and receipts … Read more

What is debt consolidation?

Don’t confuse debt consolidation with debt elimination. If you’re swamped with credit card debt and personal loans, it can sometimes help to talk to a professional about debt consolidation. However, you need to be wary so you don’t end up paying more in the long term and/or reduce the equity in your home. What is … Read more

Flexing your retirement plans

The concept of retirement is changing, with fewer people working towards a final retirement date and then clocking off for good. Instead, those who have the flexibility to choose are often transitioning out of the workforce over several years, or even returning after a break. Whether you simply want to wind back your working hours … Read more

The principles behind smart borrowing to invest

Australians are living longer and experiencing higher house-to-wage ratios. It makes good sense to consider how you can achieve a comfortable long term future. What makes a smart investor? A webinar on borrowing to invest brought together financial advice commentator Noel Whittaker, REA Group’s Chief Economist Nerida Conisbee and NAB Equity Head of Sales Craig … Read more