Are you an impulsive spender?

Characteristics of impulsive spenders A ‘money mindset’ is a way of thinking about personal finance. Your money mindset can change over time, and it may help explain your spending and savings habits. Understanding this can help you build habits and strategies to better manage your money. If the following applies to you, you might be … Read more

Why asset allocation is key to investment success

Asset allocation is the biggest determinant of investment returns. Here’s why taking the time to get it right matters. Choosing investments on a whim based on current market conditions is unlikely to be a winning strategy in the long-run. What should come first, and what is perhaps fundamentally more important than picking the right investments, … Read more

The influence of emotion on our finances

We’ve all heard of the dangers of emotional spending but what about emotional saving? Emotions can wield a powerful influence on our personal finances in a positive way, but they can also have a negative impact on where we sit financially. The good news is, by cultivating a bit of self-awareness you can harness your … Read more

A Will to give

As baby boomers shift into retirement, Australia is on the brink of the nation’s biggest ever intergenerational wealth transfer. Yet estate or inheritance planning is rarely discussed by families. Talking openly about how you want your assets to be passed on can help avoid family disputes that take a toll both financially and emotionally. It … Read more

How to rebalance your investment portfolio

How can investors rebalance their portfolio and how often should they do it? Read more to find out. The target mix of your investment portfolio should be built on your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. But goals can change, and market fluctuations can cause your asset allocation to shift, so it’s important to monitor your portfolio … Read more

Beware of the Granny Flat traps

Setting the scene Marilyn is 67 and has had enough of work. She has worked hard and raised two children on her own and she’s ready for some “me time”. Her children are now adults and live at opposite ends of Australia to her. Marilyn has sold her (big) home and has moved north to … Read more

Size up your super

You’ll have heard the old, almost grandmotherly adage that ‘every dollar counts’. But guess what – it’s true. Voluntary after tax super contributions (also called non-concessional contributions), refer to any payments you make to your super fund out of your take-home pay. Making after-tax super contributions is an easy way to boost your retirement savings … Read more

Preparing your kids for financial success

Teaching good financial habits, such as saving and budgeting, is one of the best ways to prepare children to have a secure financial future. Helping kids establish sound money management skills and strong financial acumen is important, regardless of wealth level. Younger children (under age 11) A great way to begin to teach younger children … Read more

Storm, flood and fire insurance

It’s devastating when a natural disaster destroys or damages your home. Finding out you don’t have enough insurance can add to your distress. Understanding what events and damage are covered by insurance can help you get the right cover for your home. Knowing if you live in a disaster-prone area can give you a better … Read more

Putting recent returns into perspective

While 2021-2022 may not have been a stellar year for the majority of investors, it’s worth remembering that the worst performing asset class one year can be the best the next, and vice versa. That’s why successful investing benefits from having a good balance. The last financial year, particularly the first half of 2022, saw … Read more