Self-managed super fund (SMSF)

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a private super fund that you manage yourself. SMSFs are different to industry and retail super funds. When you manage your own super, you put the money you would normally put in a retail or industry super fund into your own SMSF. You choose the investments and the insurance. … Read more

A simple way to retire earlier

Using a fundamental investing principle could help many Australians bring their retirement forward. It’s simple investing mathematics really. The more money you can save in investing fees, the more of your total returns you ultimately get to keep in your pocket. In actual fact, investment fees (management and administrative fees, commissions and other costs) are … Read more

The one thing in investing you can control

You can’t control what happens on financial markets. But you can control one factor to improve your returns. When it comes to investing, there are things you can never control and things that you can. You can’t control what happens on financial markets on a day-to-day basis or the market returns from your specific investments. … Read more

Combat cost-of-living hikes and keep saving

Cost of living pressures coupled with rate rises have made it more difficult to save for a home deposit and afford the lifestyle you’ve either become accustomed to or are dreaming of. Budget Direct’s Cost of Living Survey & Statistics 2023 found that despite the living cost index for employee households recording its largest quarterly … Read more

Why many retirees are underspending

After accumulating superannuation savings over multiple decades, many retirees are fearful of spending too much. When it comes to life in retirement, many Australians are probably being more frugal than they need to be. And that’s largely built around a fear of running out of their retirement savings before they die – an outcome that’s … Read more

Four timeless principles for investing success

Investing success can mean different things to different people. Being clear on what success means for you is key to mapping out your plan. Although investing can seem perplexing and complex, success is largely within your control. Having a tailored investment strategy can go a long way to reducing the stress and noise associated with … Read more

How to protect your finances after redundancy

Understanding your redundancy payout According to ASIC, a redundancy payout can be made up of any of the following: a severance payment an incentive payment a payment in lieu of notice unused annual leave and long service leave. Regardless of its makeup, in most cases you’ll get a lump sum when you finish your role. The amount … Read more

Investing mistakes to avoid

Investing successfully and improving your investment portfolio can be as much about minimising mistakes as trying to pick the ‘next big thing’. It’s all about taking a calm and considered approach and not blindly following trends or hot tips. Let’s delve into some of the most prevalent investment mistakes and look at the principles that … Read more

Understanding the new $3m super tax

The much debated tax on superannuation balances over $3 million is inching closer and those who may be affected should ensure they have considered the implications. Although it is not yet law, the Division 296 tax should be taken into account when it comes to investment strategy and planning, particular in relation to any end-of-financial-year … Read more

Securing your passwords online

We spend a lot of time online and don’t often think about the risks involved. Yet if we are not careful, we can make ourselves vulnerable to criminal activity such as hacking, phishing, and identity theft. The annual Cyber Threat Report announced in 2023 a 23% year-on-year increase in cybercrimes in Australia, amounting to a … Read more

Is it time for bonds to shine?

The backstory To say that it’s been a challenging period for bond investors for the best part of a decade, is not an exaggeration. If we cast our minds back to 2008, the world was in a precarious situation as the Global Financial Crisis took effect. Central bankers were busy thinking of ways to avoid … Read more